Kaisar Ahmed has been an educator and a public servant most of his life. Education has become too costly and is getting out of reach for children of many middle-class families. We need to think outside the box and need to encourage our high school students to consider trade or other alternative schools for their long-term career. Without a high-quality and affordable educational system, Americans will be unable to compete globally and our standard of living will continue to decline. As the state of New York has done, we must make all public colleges and universities in the whole country tution-free. We must also do something about the exhorbitant price of textbooks and skyrocketing cost of housing near our colleges and universities.

Kaisar believes in overturning Citizens United and the Buckley v. Valeo decision through costitutional amendment, because Big Money is corrupting our electoral process. To ensure transparency, we need to pass legislation that will require wealthy individuals and corporations to disclose recipients of their hefty campaign donations. Many good people are unable to get into elected public service because of lack of funds.

We need to take better care of our Veterans. Their numbers among the homeless and the mentally ill are disproportionately high compared to the general population. It's a shame that sometimes we are much too eager to go to war but do not take care of our servicemen and women when they return.

Kaisar believes in protecting and expanding Social Security and Medicare programs. Social Secutiry is a retirement plan meant to support Americans in their retirement years. I support Medicare for All, proposed by 17 United States Senators. We must guarantee healthcare as a human right as citizens of most civilized nations are guranteed as a birthright. The single-payer system eliminates red tape and lowers administrative cost by the billions of dollars.  We must also allow Medicare to negotiate with the pharmaceutical companies to provide lower drug prices for our citizens.   

Kaisar believes in Building new and Rebuilding crumbling Infrastructure like roads and highways, bridges, schools, airports, water plants, and sewage systems to keep pace with the rest of the world. These construction jobs will create millions of good-paying jobs for plumbers, framers, electricians, concerete layers, designers, and other tradespeople.  

The United States must take steps to Reverse man-made Climate Change. We must ensure that our children and grandchildren have access to clean air and clean water in the future.  We need to change our reliance on fossil fuels and to develop alternative, renewable, and clean energy sources like solarand wind. In addition to protecting our environment, this transformation will also create millions of jobs, as it has already done so in the hundreds of thousands, specially in the solar industry. We have to encourage recycling. We need to mitigate hazardous waste in our groundwater. We must also ban fracking. The United States must lead the world and remain in the Paris Climate Accord.

We must Reform our Criminal Justice System. While African-Americans and Latinos make up 23% of U. S. population, they comprise over half of all prisoners in the nation. This "school-to-prison" pipeline must stop. We must invest in education, rather than incarceration. Many countries in the world spend more money as a percentage of GDP toward education than other areas.  

The United States is a nation of immigrants. We must legislate a Sensible Immigration Policy that would bring the 12 million undocumented immigrants out of the shadows. The DACA recipients must be allowed to stay. They came to the United States when they were young, through no fault of their own. They know America as their only home. Some are serving in our Armed Forces. It would be cruel and immoral to tell them to leave when they are defending our nation. 

    Los Estados Unidos son una nación de immigrantes,,, Ellos vinieron a los Estados Unidos cuando eran más jóvenes.