Biography of Kaisar Ahmed
Kaisar Ahmed was born in Narayanganj, Bangladesh on September 27th, 1948. He was the second amongst five siblings; his father was a government official and mother, a full-time homemaker. Kaisar grew up poor without electricity and TV or radio, in the first few years of his life. At seventh grade, he enrolled in a boarding school in Chittagong, Bangladesh, run by the army and staffed by many teachers from the British Commonwealth. Kaisar graduated from Faujdarhat Cadet College in Bangladesh in June of 1967 with a high school diploma.

Then he enrolled at the University of Dhaka in the capital city to pursue his undergraduate studies in economics. He had 2 minors, mathematics and history. Because of a civil war that broke out in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent in 1971, Kaisar's education got partly interrupted. He eventually graduated from the University of Dhaka in March of 1972.

Kaisar joined UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) in March of 1972 as a coordinator for its child-feeding program. He remained at that job until he left Bangladesh in the fall of 1972 for the United States. 

In Brooklyn, New York, he attended Long Island University and received his masters in economics, with emphasis in math. With an MA in economics, he enrolled at the University of California in Riverside (CA) in spring of 1974 to pursue his doctoral program. He started working as a substitute teacher in the cities of Riverside and Perris from September 1975. Then he began his career as a full-time math teacher at Perris Valley Junior High School in Perris, California, from fall of 1976.

In addition to attending the University of California at Riverside, CA, he also attended Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, CA, and California State University at San Bernardino in San Bernardino, CA. He obtained four teaching credentials from these institutions. All in all, he taught as a school teacher for 28 years, at various levels, from kindergarten to high school. He also taught mathematics and economics at 11 different colleges and universities in Southern California for 32 years as an adjunct faculty member. 
Kaisar worked as a volunteer Sunday school teacher at Peace Academy, a nonprofit Islamic school in Redlands, CA. He was also a girls' soccer coach for AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) for a few years. Currently, Kaisar works with different interfaith groups and places of worship to bring adherents of different faiths together. 
      Kaisar Ahmed nació en Narayanganj, Bangladesh en el 27 de septiembre en
     1948. Fue el segundo entre cinco hermanos; su padre era un oficial del gobierno
     y su madre.... Kaisar creció.... en los primero años de su vida. 


    En adición de asistiendo el universario de California...

    También enseño las mathemáticas y... a once universidades diferentes
    en ... para 32 años.