1. Background
    Kaisar Ahmed immigrated from Bangladesh 44 years ago. In Bangladesh, he obtained a B. S. in economics from the University of Dhaka and joined UNICEF to implement their Child Feeding Program for the needy children of the war-torn and impoverished country.
  2. Education and Career
    Kaisar obtained an M. A. in economics from Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY, in February of 1974. Then he attended the University of California at Riverside, California State University at San Bernardino, and Claremont Graduate University for graduate studies in economics and for teacher training. Ultimately, he obtained 4 teaching credentials. He also received life and disability, real estate salesperson, and two investment licenses. Kaisar has continued enrichment classes from time to time for 20 years. Kaisar started working as a school teacher at various levels and as an adjunct faculty member at 11 different colleges and universities in Southern California for 32 years. He has also worked as a volunteer at Peace Academy and AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) for many years.
  3. Goals
    Kaisar Ahmed's goal is to work toward a more just and fair society. Too many of our citizens feel left out of the American Dream. In education, I believe students should be allowed to pursue their education based on merit rather than their race, gender, or the financial capabilities of their parents. We must take better care of our veterans.
for U.S. Congress (District 31)
Kaisar is a progressive thinker and believes in serving the people. The following issues are of paramount importance to him. He wants to:
1. Create decent-paying jobs in the infrastructure and
     green sectors.
2. Reverse Man-Made Climate Change.
3. Overturn Citizens United.
4. Improve Care for our Veterans.
5. Protect and Expand Social Security
     and Medicare.
6. Reform the Criminal Justice System.
7. Make Public Colleges and Universities Affordable.
8. Build new and Rebuild our Crumbling Infrastructure.
9. Reform our Broken Immigration System.
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Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
Martin Luther King Jr.

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